Does your child suffer from Severs Disease?

Does your child suffer from Severs Disease?

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Is your child complaining of heel pain? They may be suffering from Severs Disease, a common condition affecting children between the ages of 8 – 12.

Contrary to its name, severs disease is not actually a disease, rather it’s a growth disorder caused by the attachment of the Achilles tendon pulling on the back of the heel bone. Severs disease can cause significant heel pain in a growing child, resulting in reduced physical activity and daily discomfort.

One of our young patients Marcus was brought into the clinic by his family, suffering from severs disease. Marcus had been prescribed orthotics but due to his lifestyle he was often barefoot or in thongs and wasn’t able to wear them often enough to make a difference. Unfortunately, to be effective, orthotics need to be worn all the time as they don’t correct the underlying cause of the heel pain.

We were able to help Marcus become pain free in a relatively short period of 6 weeks meaning he no longer needed to wear his orthotics and was able to run around the beach barefoot.

Marcus’ treatment involved a combination of combination of lifts, foot mobilisation and stretching to help ease the pain caused by his severs disease.

If your child is experiencing heel pain or if their current orthotic treatment isn’t successfully treating the symptoms of severs disease make an appointment to come and see us.

To make a booking call our Manly Vale clinic on (02) 8966 9300 or book an appointment online.


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