Heel Spur Treatment Eveleigh

Natural Alternative Treatment for Heel Spurs

For over 15 years, Alternative Foot Solutions have treated thousands of clients with heel spurs in Eveleigh and surrounding communities, using an alternative treatment method.

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Heel Spurs Eveleigh

What are Heel Spurs?

A heel spur refers to the bony spur that forms on the base of the heel around the point where the plantar fascia attaches. The heel spur is generally not the source of pain; that is caused by micro tears along the plantar fascia that attach in this area. These micro tears bleed and become sore. Heel spurs are commonly referred to by medical practitioners; however, it is really the fascial attachment that causes the pain, and therefore the plantar fasciitis that is the cause of the heel pain commonly referred to as heel spurs.

If it is actually the heel spur that is sore, then you may need to consider surgery; however, this condition is rare.

Heel Spur Treatment Eveleigh

Case Study – Bronwyn Plantar Fasciitis

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